Hortifit Nutrition A+B “all substrates” is formulated in an innovative way through which your plant can’t wish for a better manure fertilizer, as far as processing and composition are concerned. Hortifit nutrition is particularly innovative, because it meets typical features of different substrates. (read further

Topfocus “Harvest Improver” delivers top performances and focusses on an explosive initial growth of your plant and on the growing and ripening process of all day plants. This makes Topfocus so Unique! (read further)

Hortifit is a new and dynamic company that has been founded with the cooperation of a group of experience experts in this field and a renowned scientist in the field of horticulture.

  • Hortifit produces manure fertilizers which increase growth          and which have been scientifically tested and scientifically proven.
  • All manure fertilizers are compatible with sprinklersystems
  • Manufactured manure fertilizers are tenable for a longer period when solvent.
  • The Nutrientlines are clear and easy to use. 

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